Safe, Effective and Natural Tinnitus Cure

Natural Cure for Tinnitus

You are perhaps aware that “there is no cure for tinnitus“. That is what doctors may tell and the treasure trove of information you will find online may also lead you to the same inference. The truth is that traditional medicine has no effective cure for tinnitus. However, there are many natural cure for tinnitus including medical intervention by doctors, chiropractors and audiologists.

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Diagnosing the Causes of Tinnitus

There are dozens of potential causes of tinnitus. Do not presume any specific cause before you get diagnosed. You should undergo a thorough diagnostic test. A doctor should conduct a physical examination of your ears. You should have a hearing test. Imaging tests are also necessary, a CT scan or an MRI. Further tests may be recommended depending on the severity of your condition and the findings of the preliminary tests.

Not many people know the complex scenarios that can lead to tinnitus or facilitate the condition. Genes can play a role. Anomalies in the skeletal structure in the inner ear can cause or facilitate tinnitus. You should have the three bones in the ear, malleus, incus and stapes, inspected. The tympanic membrane must be checked. The bones may not be able to function optimally owing to otosclerosis.

There are common facilitating causes such as excessive wax in the ears. There are age related problemsside effects of some medicineshearing loss and even menopause can worsen tinnitus or have a causal relation. You should assess your exposure to loud noise, get diagnosed for blood vessel disorders, tumors in the neck or head, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, anatomical variations in the neck (particularly the carotid artery which affect blood flow) and malformed capillaries or arteriovenous malformation.

You should review your present medications, especially aspirin, antibiotics, diuretics, quinine, anti-depressants and chemotherapeutics. Tinnitus can also be caused or facilitated by Meniere’s diseasetemporomandibular joint disorders, injuries in the neck and head, benign tumors and hypothyroidism. The reason why tinnitus has no known cure is because one or several of these conditions and causal factors can contribute or directly cause the condition. Even upper respiratory infection can cause tinnitus. Consult an ear nose and throat specialist or ENT surgeon. See an otolaryngologist if you want.

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End Your Stress Caused by Tinnitus with These Natural Cure

Begin with the simplest of remedies that are usually recommended for tinnitus. Get excess earwax removed from your ears. Address high blood pressure andatherosclerosis if you have it. Change medications and ask your doctor if you can skip the medicines that may be deemed as caused of tinnitus. See how you feel when you are not on the select drugs. You can try medicines meant for tinnitus but that would not be natural treatments. You can go for hearing aids if you also experience partial loss of hearing but it wouldn’t really cure tinnitus. This is more about managing the condition than curing it.Natural Tinnitus Treatments

You can consider acoustic therapy. You should avoid loud noises and train your mind to not focus on the ringing or constant buzzing. Music therapy helps some people but it is again a way to regulate the symptoms. There are alternative remedies such as chiropractic adjustment. This will work if you have temporomandibular joint disorder. Chiropractic treatments have also been found to be soothing for those having Meniere’s disease so if it is one of the causes or the facilitating cause then you can expect some respite. You can consult an acupuncturist. There are personalized treatments involving sound frequency.

Chemical supplements have been proven to be ineffective and they are not natural. However, there are herbal supplements that you can try. Consider ginkgo biloba supplements. You can opt for zinc rich supplements or diets that will increase the intake of zinc. Make sure you balance the zinc intake with copper. You can try hormonal supplements but do not count on any random brand or prescribed drug unless you are sure about them being completely natural.

You need to change your diet, including some specific foods and avoid some to help your tinnitus. You should always avoid salt and foods rich in salt. Opt for whole food and use raw ingredients to make your own meals. Do not opt for packaged or processed foods as they would invariably have more salt and sugar. Reduce your consumption of caffeine and alcohol. Stop smoking. These are triggers and can worsen symptoms. Do not indulge in any kind of substance abuse. To assist you through the challenges of the process, you may look for cognitive behavioral therapy or tinnitus retraining therapy.

Try These Natural Remedies to Cure Your Tinnitus Fast

You should consume the herb ginkgo biloba. You can buy extracts available at drugstores. Apple cider vinegar, basil, onions, garlic, saline solution, ginger and mustard oil must be included in your diet. Go for foods that are rich in vitamin B12. Beef, clams, cheese, crabs, liver, eggs, lobster, mussels, mutton, oysters and fish are rich in vitamin B12.

The foods rich in zinc are liver, oysters, lamb mutton, watermelon seeds, sesame seeds, squash seeds and pumpkin seeds. Black cohosh has recently been found to be effective in reducing the severity of symptoms associated with tinnitus. Goldenseal can heal lesions in the ear if you have them. You should also consider castor oil, mistletoe tea, passion flower, rhubarb, sunflower seeds, spinach, fenugreek seeds, horsetail, valerian root, burdock root, hawthorn and gum myrrh. These herbs and natural remedies are quite effective in regulating the symptoms and helping your treatment for tinnitus.

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Exercises for Tinnitus

In addition to changing your diet and lifestyle, you should also consider specific exercises. Your audiologist or ENT specialist will recommend some of these exercises or perhaps all of them. Natural treatments for tinnitus would always include behavioral therapy or training to learn how to ignore the symptoms, the bothersome noises and discomfort.

• A simple exercise for tinnitus is sitting upright, bowing the head allowing the chin to touch the chest, as close as possible, intertwining your fingers and holding a gentle lock at the back of the head, pulling the head back while opposing the movement with the interlocked fingers and then relaxing the head as it comes forward. Do not stretch or stress too much. Do not exert too much force using your fingers or hand. Just stretch the spine and you would get some relief. Do this exercise three to five minutes, around twice or thrice a day.

• There is another exercise involving the jaw and the tongue. You should open your jaws as wide as possible, use the tip of the tongue to touch the roof of your mouth. You should then move the tip of the tongue backwards, towards the tonsils as it remains in contact with the roof of the mouth. Do this for a few seconds, let your tongue relax, stretch it outward through your mouth and then take the tip up again to touch the roof and move backwards. You can do this exercise with four or five repetitions at a time.

• You can sit upright and gently move the chin down and up, repeat for around thirty times and then move your chin sideways without stretching it upward or downward. This exercise can ease any sprain you might have in the neck and head. This exercise is also therapeutic and helps stretch and relax the muscles around your neck and below the chin.

Try only the safe, proven and completely natural treatments for tinnitus. Chemicals and synthetic supplements will not be of any help, neither would medicines or invasive procedures. Get Tinnitus Cure Secrets eBook today and cure tinnitus easily!

Tinnitus Cure

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