Tinnitus is the perception of a constant noise in the ears and the head. The sound may be in the form of whistling, buzzing or ringing. 

Many people mostly think that tinnitus is caused by hearing loss. In reality is that there are 200 known cause or even more than that number. 

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Tinnitus Secrets

Tinnitus differs from one individual to another. The most important distinction is the extent to which a person considers the condition a problem. Surprisingly, some people are entirely unperturbed by the disorder as they learn to live with it over time. Most of the times, this kind of tinnitus is mild and can be ignored. However, for some people, it gets so bad that they quit schooling or working altogether. For many sufferers, the symptoms of the ailment become amplified during the night when the ruckus of day activities reduces.

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What’s tinnitus? Tinnitus is the ringing sound or noise in the ear. The origin of the sound is within the patient. Mostly, it is unilateral (heard only in one ear)

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Sound Therapy Machine for Tinnitus

Sound therapy sometimes referred to as acoustic therapy is a wide term that is used in various ways, depending on the individual clinician. Generally, sound therapy means the use of

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